The only way to a better life and a better world is to change the stories that we believe.


You Deserve the Truth is the smart and all too real guidebook for anyone striving to craft an authentic and inspired life from the ground up.
— Franchesca Ramsey, MTV's Decoded

In her late 20s, Erica was living the quintessential millennial life.

She had a successful career in politics and social impact that landed her on TV, on stage at Davos and on all of the “30 under 30” lists. And, if that wasn’t enough, she had just married her high school sweetheart. On the outside, she was black girl magic personified.

But inside, she was, like many of her peers, frustrated by the gap between the life she was told could be hers if she followed all of the rules and the reality, which was far less Instagram-picture perfect: cash poor, overworked, uninspired, and crushing under the weight of constant pursuit.

So she did the thing that women like her are never supposed to do: She quit. And that’s when her transformation began.

In the process, she uncovered that the key for true fulfillment and radical change lies in getting “story smart”: using narrative intelligence to change the stories that we believe. You Deserve the Truth is a masterclass in how to recognize and challenge those stories - ideas about success, work, time, money, identity, fear, faith and love that have crippled us and broken our world.

In her authentic and relatable voice, Erica provides a blueprint for anyone seeking a new way to live and change the world.

Our lives are filled with story; Simon’s book deconstructs her personal stories about fear, dreams, work, money, time, faith, and love... Simon mixes her personal experience with national and global examples of nascent narrative intelligence. Her writing style is readable and engaging, and her message matters.
— Booklist


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In this beautifully written, smart and soulful book, Erica Williams Simon gives us what we all need more of: The knowing that life, at its best, is more about wonder than certainty. With You Deserve the Truth, Erica invites us beyond the old stories we’ve been told about ourselves, and into the wonder of our dreams, hopes and love – so we can find our truth and purpose there.
— - Glennon Doyle, author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller LOVE WARRIOR and founder of Together Rising
Thank you for your thoughtfulness and curiosity and passion. You are superb!
— -Rosario Dawson, actor and activist
Erica is the girlfriend everyone deserves: full of wisdom, grace and unwavering honesty. You Deserve the Truth is the smart and all too real guidebook for anyone striving to craft an authentic and inspired life from the ground up. Erica’s willingness to share the messy parts of her truth is a needed reminder for the rest of us to live ours.
— Franchesca Ramsey, MTV's Decoded
Millennials looking for advice from a perceptive peer will appreciate Simon’s refreshingly blunt take on happiness.
— Publisher's Weekly
For a straightforward and honest look under the hood of the human experience, soiled but also blessed by what social media has done to it, Erica Williams Simon’s You Deserve the Truth will act as a roadmap that can feel like an iron fist in a cashmere glove: delicate and warm but unflinching and equable at once. If we are, as she says, all wayfinders, Erica is the closest thing we get to a guide.
— Leandra Medine, founder of